About us


Following decades of successful UK distribution, the principals of Tennants Distribution Ltd (TDL) requested expansion of its services onto the continent.

TDL responded by creating companies in the Netherlands (Charles Tennant BV) and in France (Charles Tennant Sarl). Hertfelder GmbH was acquired in 1997.

In 2001 a new European strategy was developed combining the businesses into 1 active distribution group. With productive staff and efficient hardware already in place, it was decided to concentrate the administrative tasks in Germany. ISO 9000 certification was achieved in 2003. In 2005 Tennants moved to a new office in Bielefeld due to continued expansion of their activities in Europe.

To facilitate growth, a responsive new distributor was formed under the name Tennants, with a European focus and home office based technical marketing staff in a variety of countries. Tennants has become an efficient, well respected partner in the industry with a team of skilled and experienced managers. In 2008 the mini-group was expanded by the acquisition of Rustifrance Sarl. Following a strategic re-structuring in 2012, Tennants Sarl was made responsible for serving the southern European markets alongside its traditional French base.

Currently we are active in 15 different countries with local technical marketing representatives serving customers in local languages.