Chemistry for better quality!

Tennants is a supplier of a large variety of chemicals used in formulations
for coatings, inks, adhesives, plastics and textiles and building materials.

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Building Materials


Plastics & Textiles


Specialty Services

Tennants is a European distributor of chemical specialties to the polymer manufacturing and processing industry.

Route to Market

Tennants is the ideal partner if you don’t have a sales and marketing organisation in the European Union. We can help you to move your product from the lab to any European customer.


Tennants is able to support your new ideas. Our expertise will support the implementation of new ideas by generating formulations
for your products.

Specialty Business

Our range includes biocides, amino-cross-linkers, epoxy resins and hardeners,
acrylic beads, PVC stabilizers,
catalysts, UV active  resins
for printing.

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