New products

  • Tennants GmbH is the ideal partner if you don’t have a sales and marketing organisation in the European Union. We can help you to move your product from the lab to any European customer.
  • Tennants GmbH has a European network in the industry where polymers are produced and processed no matter whether this is for paint, coating, ink, plastic and textile or adhesive application.
  • Tennants GmbH covers a very large, growing EU market. Our confidential approach ensures you have no risk of losing know-how to your competitors.

New applications

  • If you have a product with newly discovered potential in any of the polymer applications mentioned, we can accelerate your marketing process and gain approvals swiftly.
  • Through participation in key trade exhibitions we can promote your products to the right audience.
  • Tennants GmbH are specialists where new application development is concerned. Our knowledge of all polymer processing markets could be the solution for you to access new polymer applications.